Everything and More

by Kathy Freeman



Recorded in Studio 88, Berlin.


Everything and More

Won’t you forgive me if I’m sounding like I’ve had too much to drink?
But I just gotta say what’s on my mind before I stop to think
It’s getting clearer by the minute we’re a whole lot more than friends
I wanna lay it on the line before the evening ends

Cause I can’t set no limits
I can’t keep no score
I’ll just give you everything
Everything and more

I been burned just one too many times for dancing in the flame
And I was shutting out the world so I could shut out the pain
But when you talk about sweet nothing ‘cross the table here tonight
I don’t stand a chance in hell of putting up a fight

Cause I can’t set no limits....

I wouldn’t wanna lie to you so I’ll tell you from the start
That I got trouble running through my veins and cracks around my heart
And I’ve done so many stupid things it’s hard to sleep at night
But I still believe in miracles, and I’ve just seen the light

I can’t set no limits.....


released December 1, 2016
Guitars, percussion, bass, vocals: Kathy Freeman
Production: Kathy Freeman



all rights reserved


Kathy Freeman Berlin, Germany

Kathy Freeman is a British singer/songwriter and musician based in Berlin since 2001. Involved in the punk scene of the late seventies, she has played guitar in a range of punk, rock, and rockabilly bands over the years and is now based in Berlin where she continues to write songs and perform regularly, in a range of projects ... more

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